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Getting Selected in an Interview

Getting a Job In Recession

This section describes what it takes to get a job in Microsoft technologies basically in .Net, C# and SQL in recession...
This section describes what it takes to get a job in Microsoft technologies basically in .Net, C# and SQL in recession...

You’re Fire Power is Your CV

Did a lot of research and found that this is the one format on which the techies get their most of the calls..

Some of the quick tips on CV
1. Try to create different type of CV's
a). One CV with all your experiences
b). A specific CV in your specific specialization as some time employer does not like you as multifaceted as this makes you as overqualified.
c). Remember programmer’s have different qualities than lead and vice versa..
2. Once you have created your CV, post it with different specific profile on different Job site.
3. Please avoid passing false info.
4. Your different CV will help you win a bid on the term specialization.

Yours Confidence will help you reach to the top

1. Make up your mind that you can do all the gizmos as other because you are a winner...
2. If you have lost your Job, don’t be afraid; think about the time when you had nothing and how you came out of the situation.
3। Read this poem whenever you are down, but not try on your interviewer’sJ.
4. Don’t get frustrated if your friends got job and you not, try to find out what they have that you do not have.
5. Most probably they are your best mentors.
6. Last but not the least everyone has his own skill, qualities and interest that makes him successful.
7. Don’t try to be an iron smith when you are already a gold smith.
8. You will understand better when you talk with those people who got the job, they where similar to you but their profile matched better than yours for the specific requirements.

Neutralizing the Fire Power of your Enemy

Yours Enemies
TimeGood time is always good when you give your time for the interview, at least you can prevent rahu kal and look at chaugariha before giving the time to the interviewer.

Bad Cell phone network traffic.
Some time you do not remember to charge your cell phone on time this may kill all your aspiration for the day.
Bad Road traffic
Try to reach at the interview place one hour before, and never think that you have come for the interview; just remember the shopping Mall near the interview place. Your punctuality will increase your confidence.
Don’t take them easy, they are the easiest and hardest guys to pass through but be careful as much as you can.

He is the James Bond for the day, show respect to him and if needed make him understand indirectly that you are better you are, but no worry I am the best.

Try making him understand that he is one of the greatest Intellectual person you have seen ever, after all he is your celebrity for the day.

Talk to him about his profile and make him believe that he can be the best mentor for you.
Everyone knows about the bull shit that he does, proving as his incidental creativity, can be done by anyone if he has the confidence and potential to learn and execute.

Try to take his email if he can share with you, as there are many questions that you may miss and it comes back suddenly after the interview, just pound him back, but do not copy paste the solution from the net..

Your eagerness to get selected.Just think that it’s a movie without a ticket, eagerness should not be for the job but to visit the shopping mall after the interview..

You are disturbed when you see you are loosing the interview.You are just another marketer, selling undergarments
Think Simple:-
Seems that the size does not fit correctly? So the bigger one J.
Half of the interviewers in the industry don’t know what to ask and whom to ask.
You may find exceptions, whom have spent years in the same company saving their ass, because they are frightened to face the world.

Better if you don’t know a they may claim that you neither Know A, B nor may be A to Z.
So better explain B to Z also in the form of, past experience or practical example, most probably the interviewer will Change the topic, and he will have no option than to give you points.

Yours over confidence.When you speak your confidence comes out so believe in your self...
Babu Mosai Every dog has the Day and feel that it’s your day.
Your friends
Professional etiquettes
Your understanding of the profile and interviewer’s psychology.
Your good odd electronics gadgets.

How to manage these all…..

To be continued………..

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