Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to use team viewer to connect to your Remote Computer?

Connect to your freinds and home computer from Internet, share desktop, do lot of things how?
Actually we always had issues while sharing home desktops with freinds,families or professional.
Using team viewer is real fun and helpfull too..
Just Install tema viewer as described below on your sharing computers and enjoy..

Download Team Viewer Installer at 
 2.    Click the v4.05543 (English) for windows.
 3.     Once a dialog box appear click Save File.

4.    The Downloads Dialog Box will appear downloading the TeamViewer_Setup.exe.
5.     Afterwards, double click the TeamViewer_Setup.exe to install it.
6.     If asked to run the software click “Run” and follow the installation process.
7.    Click install if prompted for usage, then click “Next”.

8.    When asked…”How do you want to install team viewer?” Click “personal and non commercial, Company and Commercial use, both of the above”. depending upon need

9.    Click next, and in the License Agreement click the (2) two checkboxes. Then click “Next”.

10.     Select normal installation then fill the password and click next dialog box.

11.    Select the Access Control mode then click next.

12.    Click Finished. Then another dialog box will appear. (Make sure that you have installed this in the local and remote computer)

13.    In the Create Session, key in the remote computer‘s ID which can be found in the Wait Session.

14.    Please enter your partner’s ID, than chooses Remote support, Presentation, File transfer and VPN.

15.    Then click connect to partner.

16.    Then when the connection was established you be asked for the password.
17.    After entering the ID and Password Verification you can now view the remote computer.


awdhesh said...

very nice step by step declaration and helpful.

vikash said...

what a blog it's very careful for me

Jay said...

I had heard about it by my friend, and now i get it its really very well...

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