Sunday, May 9, 2010

Interviewing Candidates

How to interview candidates?
There are some of the important points which we usually mistake while hiring candidates for our technology based needs..
1. There is always a diversity that you require in your technical team.
a). The old Man.
b). The young Chap.
c). A good critique.
d). The technology Guru and researcher.
e) A leader to whom every one should listen and act upon.

You need to find whom you need the most?
A team should have 60 % of young chaps and 40 % of rest to avoid Darwinian Theory of “The Survival of the Fittest”
Now it’s the leader responsibility to make them all a hero or just the horses to bet them in a Race.
It’s the team responsibility to understand the difference between a Manager and The Leader.
If your Manager is not a leader, you need to think how to come out from the whirlpool.

2. If you are hiring young chaps be prepared for the following if you need the best.
a). He should be energetic.
b). He should have highest desire to learn new thing.
c). Check him if he has the capability to value his seniors but does not listens blindly.
d) On technology evaluate from your project point..
     1. Will he be able to work in the modules?
     2. Does he know the minimum of technology to work on?
     3. How are his basics?
     4. Don’t ask questions which have answers, but ask question which have explanations.
    5. However do not miss common internet based questions; they should not be your part of selection 
Reason: - Puzzles and Pirates are the easiest way for both Interviewer and Interviewee to fool each other and hire a wrong candidate.
Understand if the candidate would have been working in the past organization he would not have much time to look at the internet links...
But working candidates usually have good concepts, but mostly dedicated to his area of work.
So just make it the part of your interview but never make any opinion with them.

3. Make the candidate so comfortable that he can easily fall in to discussion with you. (This will make you know about his positive attitude.)
To be continued…


Bhaskar said...

"Understand if the candidate would have been working in the past organization he would not have much time to look at the internet links..."
- This means that he is working in a very confined domain.Candidates should be judged with his alround ability. That comes with attitude.So basically attitude should be judged.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are true Bhaskar, but most of the time allrounders are not like you and me. :)
Their are people who would cram all the qusetions but when it come to excution they are zero.
Your attitude and dynamism should be judged.

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