Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Import SharePoint List to Database Using SSIS

How to Import Share Point List to Database (Sql Server 2008, Oracle ETC) Using SSIS

Gone are the days when you add grid for data manipulation..
Easiest way to add share point list and create view on it for different type of users..
E.g.. You add 10 columns in the list and customize it in the view to be used for different users...
Now how to synch the sharepoint data to the database?
1. Either create a Linked Access DB and than perform SSIS task to populate your relational DB
2. Connect to the share point source db and do the customization.
3. Subscribe to the feed reader and populate data for the same.
3. Connect to share point through Web Service

SSIS is their for the help, were we can use to link the share point list in to Database..
Below links explain the last approach
Discovering Share point web service..
You may connect to the link below..

Getting List Data Using ssis

Article 2 at below link..

will be keeping you posted with more experiments..

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