Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hi everyone,
This is my very first post in this blog and I  am elated to contribute.....
in SAP ABAP . SAP stands for System Application Product and is a business software used by all the major companies for material management, sales and distribution etc. SAP was started in 1972 by some of the IBM engineers of Germany and is currently the best business software in the market. All its programming is done the language ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) which is a subset of open SQL so uses the basic select and query level statements.
Contrary to the myth about ABAP its a very simple language to learn for the beginners, even a non software background can understand it very comfortably.
In my further posts i'l be discussing more on the subject matters of SAP.

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Sreenivasa Naik said...

Thank you sir,It is nice and more informative. We are providing online training on & for more info: sap wm online training it gives the career plan. It is in simple language and understandable to all freshers.

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