Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today I missed a chance of getting a colleague who would have been right fit for what we needed.

Thanks to PAPA JOHN, on what a org he  developed?

Your need drive'd the type of resource requirement.
Than you started  thinking of what you need.
After a deep dive you get to create the JD.
Once you published your JD you tried adding every thing that you wanted  in a Candidate.
Potentially everything that you  tried to be but would never ever,
Similar to  trying running for someone having  near to 99% marks in the exam.

Once your JD got  published, It was picked up by the consultant.

The consultant was the next door house wife cooking in the kitchen and looking for key words on her IPAD. She knew nothing about your requiremnet, but she could input all the JD keywords  in google to get a Great resume.

Finally you got some CV and started shortlisting candidate's.
They where so dynamic profiles  and so many that some you rejected by tossing and some because they did not run the spell checker
You also tossed out some because they where changing jobs often.

Finally you got some to screening and that  was your day, you  fired people before you would have hired them. 

Finally you got a candidate who is your perfect match, but not the perfect match for Job, and he was being offered.

This is where your org started building with like minded child Johns, who would  became the future PAPA John.
This  happened till the company went  bankrupt.

But the job was always for you as you had a good aptitude, good communication skills and you allready had the qusetion bank where the answer you only knew.

Thanks PAPA JOHN The originator of the corporate hiring syndromes because YOU ARE GREAT.


Jay said...

Nice post..

abhishek kumar said...

this is so practical and keen to read such more posts...

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