Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Creating and Publishing a report with Report Builder 3.0 in Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Download Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 3.0
 AS per Microsoft site at

Start --> All programs-->Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 3.0 will bring up the following display. Click on Report Builder 3.0 

The Report Builder 3.0 gets displayed as shown. 

Double click the Table or Matrix icon. 

Configuring the data source
This displays the New Table or Matrix window as shown.
Click on the Create a dataset after that click on the NEXT

Click on the New... button.

This brings up the Data Source Properties window as shown. Click on the drop-down handle for "Select connection type:" as shown. Then Click on the Build... button. 

Fill the Server Name and Select or enter the data base name. 

Click on the Test connection--> OK

After completing the data source connection configuration above then click NEXT to design a query for your report. 

Click the table EMP_tab1 then click on  NEXT.

Click next to get the Arrange fields-dialogue box where you can drag and drop your data fields into the Row groups. 

 First choose the layout for your report after that Click on next.

Choose a style feature different fonts and color schemes for your report then click on finish.

After the finish this displays window as shown.

Click on the RUN or F5. 

Report is shown.

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