Sunday, August 15, 2010

Creating a map configuration in report builder 3.0

Start --> All programs-->Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 3.0 will bring up the following display. Click on Report Builder 3.0  

The Report Builder 3.0 gets displayed as shown.
Select the Map Wizard on the design surface.

On the Choose a source of spatial data screen, select the ESRI shape file radio button. And click on Browse. Navigate to the location of the australia.shp file extracted in Step 2, and click Open.

Then click Next.

Configure the zoom and pan of the map as per your requirement and click Next.

Select Color Analytical Map, click Next.
Click on the Next

Configuring the data source
Click on the NEW button.

This brings up the Data Source Properties window as shown. Click on the drop-down handle for "Select connection type:" as shown. Then Click on the Build... button. 

Fill the Server Name and Select or enter the data base name.  

Click on the Test connection--> OK 

After completing the data source connection configuration above then click NEXT to design a query for your report. 

Click on the employee table and click the Run query then NEXT.

Create a relationship between spatial data and analytical data, and then click on NEXT.

Select a Theme; in this case I changed mine from Ocean to Mahogany, just to bring some brighter colours. Next select the field to visualize; Select the colour scheme and option choose to display fields, and here you can toggle between the different spatial data fields. Then Click Finish.

Click Run to preview the report.

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