Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Fail a High Stake Project?

Not a true story, but some time this may come in your dream...

Its very easy to run a well executed project in support mode.
But when it comes to a new delivery all your degrees fails.

Then what passes?
Your common sense, time and cost management on where to use what? Innovation, anger , implementation or Execution?
When to hear whom? This is the most finest aspect of the project execution.
Usually you will meet with good speakers but  "Fissadii" " a Big Zero" at execution.
When it comes to execution they just know the game of blame on their quality of Bad delegation.

Another point is, if you hire more people at wrong position a tussle to posses the position begins,.
This concludes till most of them are kicked out.
But why? because the budget moved a lot
 they got kicked out when some one figure out from where the apples started rotting!!

The or amongst the either from the above statement seldom happens.
Even when The executors see the project moving towards the graveyard, being limited options of speech they can not do much, they fight fight and fight where some succeeds and most fails.

So the question is why this happens?
1. Ask the engineers to do the analysis, he will be interested and happy to  make the banana shake.
2. Make analyst's to flow with the technology rather than business and see the magic on how he takes the project to dead end.
3. And ask the lazy architect to do the infra and force him to sleep.
4. Ask the  leads to write code.
5. Ask the work status with a developer on every five minutes.
6. And hire plenty of project managers and less developers.

Do you know what? the rat race begins for Mr Bean.
wOOOOOOOOOOOOOF.... This is frustrating..

How to chill your self in such project's then? Take a Can of diet Coke, do the best you can and Chill down.(Remember installments for Home loan are still left)

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Naveen Sikri said...

This is a true fact..awesome words

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