Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Manage threads in c# Console Application.

There are many tasks you might need to perform to manage the activity or life of a thread. You can manage all these tasks by using the various thread methods available with the Thread class.
For example, when you require the thread to pause for a period of time so that the thread is allowed to execute, you can  use the Thread.Sleep ( ) method. This method takes a single argument that represents time in milliseconds for which you want the thread to pause. This method is a static method and cannot be called with an instance of a thread object. This is done to avoid a call to the Thread.Sleep ( ) method on any other thread except the currently executing method. The static Thread.Sleep ( ) method call the static CurrentThread method, which then pauses that thread for the specified amount of time.

The following example shows the implementation of the Sleep ( ) method.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading;

namespace ThreadSample
    class BasicThreadApp
      public  static void ChildThreadCall()

            Console.WriteLine("Child thread started");
            int SleepTime = 5000;
            Console.WriteLine("Sleeping for {0} Second", SleepTime / 1000);
            Thread.Sleep(SleepTime); // Sleep for five second.
            Console.WriteLine("Waking up");
        public static void Main()
            ThreadStart ChildRef = new ThreadStart(ChildThreadCall);

            Console.WriteLine("Main - Creating child thread");

            Thread ChildThread = new Thread(ChildRef);

            Console.WriteLine("Main - Have Requsted the start of child thread");

Output is shows below.

Note: - There is more than one way to call the Sleep( ) method. One way is to call Thread.Sleep  ( ) with a value 0, which will cause the current thread to hand over the unused balance of its timeslice. The other way is to call Thread.Sleep ( ) method with a value of Timeout. Infinite, which result in the thread begin paused indefinitely until it is interrupted by another thread calling the suspended thread’s Thread. Interrupt ( ) method.

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