Saturday, May 7, 2011

Working with the RegionInfo Class in .NET Application.

The RegionInfo class provides information about geographical regions, although it does not provide the same format functionality as the CultureInfo class. To create a new instance of the RegionInfo class, you pass the two-letter name that identifies the region
to the class constructor.
The RegionInfo class provides several properties that you can use to retrieve information about a region. These properties include Name, DisplayName, EnglishName, and CurrencySymbol.

For example:

using System;
using System.Globalization;
using System.Threading;
using System.Text;

namespace CurrentCultureinfomod2less1
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
// The following code examples instantiate a new RegionInfo class by using the two letters
//of the culture name that are supplied in the code. The code examples produce the
//following output:
//• Name: FR
//• Display name: फ्रांस

RegionInfo frRegion = new RegionInfo("FR");
Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}", frRegion.Name);
Console.WriteLine("Display name: {0}", frRegion.DisplayName);
Console.WriteLine("Symbol: {0}", frRegion.CurrencySymbol);


RegionInfo myRI1 = new RegionInfo("FR");
Console.WriteLine(" Name:{0}", myRI1.Name);
Console.WriteLine(" DisplayName: {0}", myRI1.DisplayName);
Console.WriteLine(" EnglishName: {0}", myRI1.EnglishName);
Console.WriteLine(" IsMetric: {0}", myRI1.IsMetric);
Console.WriteLine(" ThreeLetterISORegionName: {0}", myRI1.ThreeLetterISORegionName);
Console.WriteLine(" ThreeLetterWindowsRegionName: {0}", myRI1.ThreeLetterWindowsRegionName);
Console.WriteLine(" TwoLetterISORegionName: {0}", myRI1.TwoLetterISORegionName);
Console.WriteLine(" CurrencySymbol: {0}", myRI1.CurrencySymbol);
Console.WriteLine(" ISOCurrencySymbol: {0}", myRI1.ISOCurrencySymbol);


// Compares the RegionInfo above with another RegionInfo created using CultureInfo.
RegionInfo myRI1 = new RegionInfo("US");
RegionInfo myRI2 = new RegionInfo(new CultureInfo("en-US", false).LCID);
if (myRI1.Equals(myRI2))
Console.WriteLine("The two RegionInfo instances are equal.");
Console.WriteLine("The two RegionInfo instances are NOT equal.");


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