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Aha I am a Dev Manager !!

What this writeup is all about?

This writeup tells about the roles and responsibilities of a Development manager given his day to day challenges that he has to face while executing his responsibilities. This has been presented in the form of story with unreal actors to help you visualize and understand easily. 

The Development manager and his developers.

Their is a Development manager Paul in a technology  company with his unique set of developers.Those developers are having some basic qualities, which Paul had to understand before he would work with them and get them to their best of performance.

What he found in his developers?:-

  1. Technical
  2. Used to loose concentration
  3. Worked on interest 
  4. Delayed on delivery 
  5. Use to love mentor ship but never tried to accept one. 
  6. Intelligent Innovative and filled up with emotion.
  7. Experimenting and Rookie. 
  8. Straight forward and less diplomatic?

  What excites a developer :-

  1. New and challenging work
  2. An honor and respect which they deserve. 
  3. A Feeling of being safe.
  4. Not being bound to work place. 
  5. To be freed to work from anywhere.
  6. Not being bound to delivery pressures.
  7. Not to be asked for testing their products as it’s the tester’s job.
  8. Not being strict on time. 
  9. Party.  
  10. A respected Collaborative Individual Contributor 

What makes them performing?

This will be almost true to say that some ones interest drives his performance. Unless a Task does not interest’s you? You will not be driven to perform.However you may force your self to perform given to the external social and economical circumstances.  

What makes the Job of Architect cum Manager like Paul tough?

The changing business requirement will force you to work with people who may not be interested in their current job profile.

Being a Dev manager, you shoulder responsibilities of an Architect who owns delivery with quality for a team which has to burn down less to maintain happy work life balance.Your primary stake holders are PM, DEVS, QA and client.
What do Paul do as a Dev Manager to achieve all his responsibilities when he knows that he may be the happiest enough to not face some of the challenges such as setting up viable expectations between PM and the Development Team considering quality and delivery both.
Paul knows that he has his most important stakeholder which is his client and if he deals on the terms and set the right expectation he is mostly done, however cruel  realization to such expectation always exist's when it comes to balancing time cost quality putting requirements in center.
How does he handles challenges when he start working with a novice and less mature Program/ Project managers?
Is it a speculation? No
There is a quite often chance that you get such people to work with because of porous hiring and promotions policies.
Many of big corporate employee do feels that Doing the JOB right does less than involving yourself in the extracurricular activities like Cricket, Football and social activities.
While extracurricular activities are good and a mantra for saving individual from getting exhausted, sometime they are seen wrong from workaholic counterparts.
This further gives one an easy promotions as your small work gets easily highlighted to top shots, leaving many workaholic but talented individual responsible for the profit of company burning at much lower level than they deserve.
Maturity does not comes with age however a premature can move at the top of the ladder by an excuse through this statement.
When Paul have to deal every day to meet his targets respecting internal commitments as well as external unknown forces such as wrong placed and sometime demotivated team and PM in itself,  How shall Paul give Disney effects to his Stake Holders?

Some of the areas that Paul can look at:-

Quality comes with the knowledge of the business problem using the depth of the technology to design solution which you expect to deliver within estimated time and expected quality.
As technology should be a medium to realize your solution artifacts, Not a dependency hence Paul success lies in delivering quality solution and design to be much independent of underlying technologies.

How can Paul keep writing to his developer “You Rock……….”:

1. Understand his team well from capability, aspiration, emotional and social stand point.
2. Design Loosely coupled system and framework with dependencies on layer should be auto checked before each build to report if a developer has broken the framework?
3. If the framework needs to be changed? it should go through a process of group discussion so that every one should be on same page. 
2. When he design a solution he should add modules which have some out of the box implementations and contains latest technologies.
3. Techies like’s doing and exploring new areas so its most important to motivate people to collaborate and do P.O.C. to refine solution.
4. Always review the code or have strong code review practice and fall back approach.
5. Allow unit testing as per the time lines estimated.
6. Setup framework and processes for team to write down and comment on all the scenarios that they are going to code and discuss and review Q.A. testing strategy?
7. Review technical artifacts with the leads and give instant feedback.
8. Be as friendly with his team as he can, this makes him to understand people conflicts and sense it early to fix the team bonding issues.
9. Take out the individualism from the team and make them to conflict but collaborate getting aligned to the best solution.
10. Challenge's team in a natural way to deliver and meet the commitments.
11. Gives feedback sometime goes negative but praising someone doing good and getting De motivated individual praised from someone who is performing forces the under-performer to perform.
12. His Solution designs should have artifacts which can speak about the framework and architecture for the solution.
13. Applying SOLID principal at design layers helps and give developers a chance to explore and architect's to ensure separation of concern.
14. TDD approach of development (If time can be bought in?) helps lot of fun and learning at work place simultaneously improving quality.
15. Motivate team to be involved in games and activities for some time, improves team bonding and collaboration as well as keeps team away from getting exhausted.

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