Monday, October 21, 2013

Issues and resolutions IOS7.0 Apple Tv Mirrioring Skype Video call on TV Streaming from Iphone.

I recently started using IOS7 on My Iphone 5.
I am encountering multiple bugs related to Air Play.

Issue streaming content to Apple TV

1. I use to play news channel such as NDTV apps and other through my phone to Apple TV connected TV.
Before the IOS 7.0 update it was working fine.
Now after IOS 7.0  Once you Airplay from the app, the app would keep sending data back to appletv and streaming and playback would continue, but ones you come out from the active window of the app, Lock the phone etc its no more playing through Apple TV on your TV.

Issues doing Video Call on AppleTv using IOS 7.0 and Skype.

2. The easiest way to Video Conferencing through your Iphone was to use Skype and mirror your phone to TV through Apple TV. Now this feature is no more.
When ever you try calling someone either through Skype or phone dialer it comes out from the mirroring mode.You are not even able to mirror the phone on  Apple TV unless the call ends.

How to video call using Skype Iphone and Apple TV.

Trick is available through which you can still enjoy  Skype video call on TV using your IPhone and Apple TV.
This seems like  an IOS bug but a feature now for me.
You just have to on off the airdrop button and keep video calling and disconnecting through Skype on IPhone.Your video call will start mirroring on TV.

Your phone volume or ringer  goes down some time while using Iphone with IOS 7.0  either normal dialer or skype.

To fix this up use a trick connect to your headphone increase the volume and than take out the headphone it should work.

IOS is buggy and given options for lot of quick tricks but still looks yummy.
So till the fix comes for all one can use these tricks.

.... Keep me posted and stay tuned for tips and tricks.//

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